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   The Black Hills region of western South Dakota and northeast Wyoming is one of the most challenging forecast environments in North America. At some time or another nearly any weather scenario possible on the continent, with the exception of tropical cyclones, is possible in this area. From raging blizzards and sub-zero cold to extended drought with blistering heat, those who have lived for any length of time in the Black Hills have probably seen it all.
   The purpose of this website is to provide as much information as possible about the climate and weather of the Black Hills by exploring some reasons why certain weather events take place. This site is also intended to serve as a resource by providing observations and climate data taken over a period of many years by the National Weather Service in Rapid City, along with links to the latest forecast information for the region. While no single source can contain all there is to know about weather in the Black Hills region, it is hoped that this site will provide readers with a deeper understanding, appreciation, and respect for the weather in the region we call home.

Dan Carlson, Meteorologist

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